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Remaining Time: 1 hour, 58 minutes, 40 seconds Question Completion Status QUESTION4 10 points Save A A 2.03 kg steel ball is dropped from a height of 5.39 meters above the floor. Determine the kinetic O) of the ball just before it strikes the floor? Note: g-981 m/s energy QUESTION S 10 points Save Answe A 4.53 kg steel ball is at a height of 6.2 meters above the floor, traveling at a velocity of 2.38 m/s, and has an internal energy of 20.35 J. Determine the energy (E) of the baill in joules QUESTION 6 10 points Save Answer Determine the final energy (kl)l of the system given the following Einitial 68 k w-137 Q 127k Click Save and Submit to save and stubmit. Click Save All Answers to save all ansuers Save All Aeswers MacBook Air 5 8 9 0 O P 0
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