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Thermo One

QUESTION 1 7 points Save Answer If the properties of a system do not change with time we say that it is in QUESTION 2 7 points Save Answer Convert 6.97 degrees Fahrenheit to Kelvin Note: Give two decimal places in your answer. 6.97OFQUESTION 3 7 points Save Answer Convert 1.4888 MPa to Pa. .4888 MPaPa QUESTION 4 7 points Save Answer Select the correct sign (positive or negative) for the value of work and heat transfer based on the accepted convention for the direction of positive work and heat transfer. A Work out of the system. B. Work into the system. C Heat transfer out of the system. D. Heat transfer into the system. 50 k Q-50 kQUESTION 5 7 points Save Answer A 3.68 kg steel ball is tossed upward from a height of 3.24 meters above the floor with a vertical velocity of 2.7.3 m/s. What is the velocity (m/s) of the ball just before it strikes the floor? Note: g- 9.81 m/s2 QUESTION 6 Determine the final energy (k) of the system given the following. Einitial-68 kļ Q-94 k 7 points Save Answer

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