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Thermodynamics -Heat transfer

Problem 1: You have been asked to design a coolant device that works based on external forced convection mechanism. The excess heat needs to be transferred to coolant fluid from a flat plate with length of 4-m parallel to flow and width of l-m perpendicular to flow. You have three option for coolant fluid as given in the table 1. Selecting fluid 2 impose additional $1000 to our budget and selecting fluid 3 impose additional $2000 to the budget. Minimizing the cost, design the system so that it can transfer at least Q 1000W from the surface. Assume that plate surface has a temperature of Ts 100°C and the coolant has a temperature of 250C. Upstream fluid speed is V 2 m/s. At Material Material Material 3 0.6794 10 1.2 k Mme 0.03254 .02032 0.01 2.577x10 5 1.59x10-5 8.758x10-5 1887 800 921 Additional cost imposing on $1000 $2000 $0 budget

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