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Thermodynamics II course

For the system methanol 1ymethyl acetate(2), the following equations provide a rea- sonable correlation for the activity coefficients: In n =AG In n = Af where A=2771-0.00523 T In addition, the following Antoine equations provide vapor pressures: ,643.31 2,665.54 nP14.25363424 In P-16.59158 13.424 where T is in kelvins and the vapor pressures are in kPa. Assuming the validity of Eq. (10.5), calculate: (a) P and (yil, for T-318.15 K and-0.25 (b) P and 1%). for T-318.15 K and y: 0.60. (c) T and {nl. for P 101.33 kPa and xl # 0.85. (d) T and (x), for P 101.33 kPa and yi m 0.40. (e) The azeotropic pressure, and the azeotropic composition, for T # 318.15 K.
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