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These are the values we got. But we cant figure out how to do the extension. Elec tronics Laboratory Table 7.1 Voltage, volts Current, mA Resistance, 0,834 2.53 A, 378 557 ve 0.648 L 11.15 R, 333 1.038 2.90 R 99 v. 0.444 4.34 TR 148 0.203 143 vr 1.546 L RT 498 Analysis 1 Determine the net current flow into or out of cach of the four nodes in the circuit. 2 Determine the net voltage drop around at least three (3) ofthe six or so closed loops. Remem ber, if the potential goes up, treat the voltage drop as positive( while if the potential goes down, treat it as negative G). Discussion Use your experimental results to analyze the circuit you built in terms of Kirchhoff s Rules. Be specific and state the evidence for your conclusions. Extension Build the circuit below and apply the same procedure you used previously. Analyze it in terms of Kirchhoffs Rules. If possible, try to analyze the circuit ahead of time and compare your measured values with the theoretically computed values. Figure 7.2 012-05892A

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