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Question: these two i cannot figure out i have also listed...

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1) A tie rod for a specific structural application is formed from the following raw material stock: 0.75 inch (19.1 mm) diameter, 1045 hot-rolled round bar. In processing, the round bar is pulled in tension until it reaches the UTS (engineering strain matches Eu) for the material. This develops the required design strength in the material, and sets its final design length of 1.000 m. Determine the original (starting) length of round bar required so that its final (unloaded) length is 1.000 m 10 2) A specific operating environment requires the tie rod of Problem (1) to be constructed of 304 stainless steel (annealed) 0.75 inch round bar, rather than 1045 HR. For an equivalent design strength (match UTS of 1045 HR) and final unloaded length of 1.000 m determine 10 bj original (starting) length of round bar iml, b) actual force on the round bar to complete the forming operation [N]: b) diameter of round bar after forming [m].

these two I cannot figure out, i have also listed all of the equations we have.

Lo 4 or def ce e)

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