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Think of an organization—a place of employment, a club, a sports team, a musical group, an academic society—that provided you with a significant work experience, and answer the following questions. 1.What are your attitudes and feelings toward the organization? Why do you think you have these attitudes and feelings? 2.Indicate, on a scale from one to ten (with one being not at all and ten being extremely), how hard you worked for this organization or how intensively you participated in the organization’s activities. Explain the reasons for your level of participation. 3.How did the organization communicate its performance expectations to you, and how did the organization monitor your performance to evaluate whether you met those expectations? Did you receive more rewards when you performed at a higher level? What happened when your performance was not as high as it should have been? 4.How concerned was your organization with your well-being? How was this concern reflected? Do you think this level of concern was appropriate? Why or why not? 5.Think of your direct supervisor or leader. How did this person’s leadership style affect your attitudes and behaviors? 6.How did the attitudes and behaviors of your coworkers affect yours, particularly your level of performance? 7. Given your answers to these questions, how would you change OBs and procedures to make this organization more effective?

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