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A cylindrical pressure vessel has an internal diameter of 1 m and a wall thickness of 50 mm. It is subjected to an internal pressure of 3 MN/m2 and a torque of 600 kNm. B3. (a) Treating the vessel as a thin cylinder, find: the hoop and longitudinal stresses due to the pressure; (i) (ii) shear stress due to the torque. Treating the vessel as a thick cylinder, find the shear stress at the surface of the shaft due to the torque. (6 marks) (4 marks) (b) (8 marks) (c) Explain why the shear stress found in (b) is smaller/greater than that found in (a)(ii). Also state and explain which one should be used for the calculation of maximum principle stress found in the cylindrical wall. (2 marks)

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