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This an organizational management question. I need to find the independent variable, the dependent variable, the mediator and moderator ( if there is one) in this example. I also want to know if the data is nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio.
Individual Assignment #1 (15 points) Organizational Behavion a brief description of a For the first individual assignment, you are given research study. Based on the description, please provide details about the following 1. Various variables -name and type (5 points) 2. Measurement scales for each variable with an example (5 points) 3. Draw theory diagram (5 points) Case Study: The Happy Campers Organization introduced a new computer system one year ago. The organization is interested in the employees impression of the system now that they have had a chance to get used to it. Therefore, the organization sent out questionnaires to all employees who use the system. The questionnaires asked about the ease of use, efficiency, accessibility, etc. The results revealed that most employees were pleased with the system, but this reaction was dependent upon whether they had IT training in the past or not. Please print your answer and submit it at the start of the class session on January 24, 2019. This assignment is w worth 15 points
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