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This discussion is intended to get you thinking about how our obligations to others depend intimately on our capabilities and our social role. Scientists and super heroes both have specialized abilities - special ability create special obligations. In the rest of this class we'll be wondering about how the specialized knowledge of a scientists generates a host of special obligations they have to each other, to science, and to the rest of society. We'll also be looking at how the social dynamics of those roles (the relative isolation of working on a part of a scientific project, for example) also leaves the scientist open to special kinds of temptations. But mostly this discussion is intended to get you talking to other students in the class. And thinking about about ethics and society. Just to head off any confusion - an obligation that someone has by virtue of their special abilities or social role is actually a pretty straightforward idea. For example, a parent has special obligations to their children in part because they have capacities the children don't - to make money, to make wise choices, etc.- Likewise Doctors have special obligations to their patients, to explain to them in language they can understand their diagnoses, prognoses, and available treatment options, etc. Step 1: Which super power would you prefer: flight or invisibility? Step 2: For your original post, first state your choice, and then include the following: One way the power creates a special obligation for you. One way the power might make you specially susceptible to (self interested) temptations. Why you chose that power?

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