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Question: this exercises asks you to revise an email the email...

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This exercises asks you to revise an email. The email has a number of weaknesses, including a lack of clarity and coherence. The subject line isn’t specific. The writer of the email has not done a good job of considering her audience or of exhibiting a “you attitude” (Markel 374). Finally, the email also has issues with conciseness and correctness. Your task? Improve the email. Consult the text as necessary.

To: Department Heads Distribution List
Date: January 20, 2017
Subject: "Consider this your WARNING!”

As you are most surely aware, an unwritten policy of "tolerance" for public officials and police officers was in existence until recently at the Springfield Department of Law Enforcement. This unwritten and unspoken agreement to treat public officials and policie officers with favoritism was unacceptable. That understanding is of the gravest of concerns to me and, as you know, resulted in a major public controversy, in unnecessary negative media coverage, and in necessary personnel adjustments.

It is the unaltered policy of this administration that no department shall at any time adopt, utilize, adapt, or endorse any policy of favoritism in any aspect of its enforcement responsibility. The informing principle must be that no one in Springfeild is above the law.

I fully expect that each department is operating under that principle, but let us serve as a reminder that this is our policy and that there shall be no deviation form that policy. Please make sure this information is conveyed to ALL personnel in your department. I will NOT tolerate any further issues concerning this matter. If any future acusations arise in your department, expect to be searching for a new job.

Mayor Rawlins

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