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Question: this is a homework problem that i dont understand how...

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This is a homework problem that i don't understand how to do.

I got stuck specifically on part three of the first Table

Case Inc is a construction company specializing in custom patios. The patios are constructed of concrete, brick, fiberglass, and lumber, depending upon customer proferencs. On June 1,2020, the general ledger for Case Int. contains the folowing data Raw Materials Inventory 3900 Manufacturing Overhead Applied 30,700 Work in Process Inventory $5.675 Manufacturing Overhead Incurred $ 32.000 Subsidiary data for Work in Process Inventory on June 1 are as follows Job Cost Sheets Customer Job Cost Element Direct materials Direct labor Manufacturing Rodgers Stevens Linton $500 800 $1.000 400 500600 625 750 $1400 $1925 $2350 overhead 500 During June, rawmaterlals purchased on account were $5,0o0, and all wages were paid. Additional overhead costs consisted of depreciation on equipment$ 1,000 and miscellaneous costs of $400 incurred on acccunt. A summary of materials roquisition slips and time tickets for Junc shows the following. Customer Job Materials R $900 900 400 $900 Koss 600 300 400 General use 1.200 $6400 5,000 1400 Overhead was chareed to jobs at the same rate of $ 1.25 per dollar of direct labor cost. The patios for customers Rodeers Stevens, and Linton were completed during June and sold for atotal of S 20,800. Each customer pald in full Journalize the June transactions: (1) for purchase of raw materials, factory labor costs incurred, and manufacturingoverhead costs incurred; 12 assignment of direct materials, labor,and overhead to production; and (3) completion of jobs and sale of goods.(Credit account titles are automatically Indented when amount is entered. Do not indent manually No. Account Titles and Explanation Raw Materials Inventory 5000 Accounts Payable To record purchase of raw materials) Factory Labor 500O 5000 Torecord factory labor costs pald Manufacturing Overhead 1000 Accounts Payable2 Work in Process Inventory 5000 Manufacturing Overhead 1400 Raw Materials Inventory 6400 To record assiennent of direct materials) Work in Process Inventory 3800 Manufacturing Overhead 1200 Factory Labor 5000 To record assignment of factory labor) Work in Process Inventory 4750 Manufacturing Overhead record assement of manufacturing overhead。 4750 30 Finished Goods Inventory Work in Process Inventory (TO record completion of jobs To record sale of goods) To record the cost of goods sold) eTextbook and Media Post the entries to Work in Process Inventory.(Post the entrles to Wark in Process Inventory in the order presented in the problem) Work in Process Inventory 6/30 eTedbook and Media Reconcile the balance in Work in Process Inventorywith the costs of unfinished jobs Costs of un nished Job: Direct Materials S + Direct Labor $ + Manufacturine Overhead $Prepare a cost of goods manufactured schedule for June CASE INC Cost of Goods M Schedule cTextbook and Media

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