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Question: this is an image of a process system it has...

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This is an image of a process system. It has three sets of boxes at the top of the page. Each box has three questions. Can you help me with these questions?Summary Pi-101 Pi-103 PCV-100 Pl-103 PCV-100 Pi-101 PT-100 Fails V-103 closed t- Circle Correct Response! Circle Correct Response! 20 psig Supply Pressure PCV-110 100 psig ...PIC Pic PT Air inlet 100 SP | 100 psig OP%, 50% 103 PE V-107 100 psig pkV-108 Instrument Air Header V-109 Regulator Set at 3-15 psi Steam V-110 15 psig Max Dryr-100 Dryer-101 125 psig Pi 102 PRV-104 FC PCV-100 Pi 100 05 V106 V-110 Pi 101 D-100 V-103 V-100 V-101 OFF V-102 3000 rpm Centrifugal Compressor-100 (Multi-Stage) Figure 9-9 Compressor Troubleshooting Scenario 3

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