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Question: this is everything answer below how do i get there...

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de yas Opgave 3.2 (tentamen november 2014) arm A thin disk of radius r is supported by a stiff arm via a ball bearing B, and it rotates und this arm with angular velocity of constant magnitude w2. Neither of the two he arm rotates around the Z-axis by means of ball bearing A, with constant angular velocity of magnitude wi. The directions x, Y, and Z are defined in an inertial frame, with Z pointing vertical. The directions of the unit vectors er, ey, and e are considered fixed to the disk. The disk is momentarily contacting the ground in point C, which is at a distance R from ball bearings blocks movement in axial direction. T the Z-axis. (a) Find the components of the unit vectors e, ey, and e,/ expressed in the XYZ frame, for the configuration shown in the figure, and use these to find the rotation matrix that maps vectors with components expressed in the XYZ frame to their expressions in the ry frame, also for the configuration shown in the figure.

This is everything, answer below. How do i get there?

Opgave 3.2a C) s 600 3 글 글 3 Opgave 3.2b Opgave 3.3THIS IS EVERYTHING!


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