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This is for Question 7 in Law and ethics in the business environment . 8th edition
Workers Rights as Human Rights Adidas. Research: The University of Wisconsin sued Adidas over the severance pay issue, and in March 2013 Penn State turned up the heat by suspending its contract th the firm, giving it 60 days to rectify the situation. What happened? 7. Henry Shue writes: Whom does this leave to defend the victims of the harm who at resent cannot defend themselves? It leaves us, fellow American consumers Some would argue that American consumers of products from global networks are not easily able to gain information about the conditions in factories half a world away, or even able to know where they could buy the products of a fairer system. Brainstorm some of the ways we consumers might, individually or collectively, respond ethically to the sweatshop dilemma. 8. According to the Worker Rights Consortium, it would cost approximately $3 billion to bring Bangladeshs 5,000 garment factories to Western safety standards. That would add less than 10 cents to the factory price of clothes made for the major global brands. If this price increase were passed on to consumers, do you think prof- its would decrease? What might the companies do to ameliorate any dip in profits?
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