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Question: this is for taxation in australia...

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Consider these two issues: A business makes a taxable sale of $650 and includes the sale figure in its BAS. In the next period the buyer returns the goods as they are faulty. The owner of the business agrees to refund in full as there was nothing similar that could be supplied A regular client has purchased goods on account for $9,500 and this is reported in the BAS. If clients pay on or before the due date the business provides a 3% discount. The account is paid within the account period and the client receives a discount of S285 1 Complete the worksheet showing the adjustments. Adjustment Amount for sales (before the changesales occurred) included at G1 New amount for Increasing adjustment (fill inadjustment (fill in this column if (3) is this column if (2) is more than (2) [subtract (2) from (3)] Decreasing for sales more than (3) [subtract (3) from (2)1 Cancellation of a sale Reduction in amount of sale because of discount or rebate Sale has stopped being taxable Increase in amount of sale Sal has become taxable Total
this is for taxation in AUSTRALIA

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