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Question: this is java and i need some arrary help i...

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This is java, and I need some arrary help.

I am looking to convert this normal array I have into a 2d array.

Any ideas?

public class Moives {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
       DVD[] movies=new DVD[7];

       movies[0]= new DVD ("The Godfather", "Francis Ford Coppola", 1972, 24.95, true);
       movies[1]= new DVD ("District 9", "Neill Blokamp", 2009, 19.95, false);
       movies[2]= new DVD ("Iron Man", "Jon Favreau", 2008, 15.95, false);
       movies[3]= new DVD ("All About Eve", "Joseph Mankiewicz", 1950, 17.50, false);
       movies[4]= new DVD ("The Matrix", "Andy & Lana Wachowski", 1999, 19.95, true);
       movies[5]= new DVD ("Iron Man 2", "Jon Favreau", 2010, 22.99, false);
       movies[6]= new DVD ("Casablanca", "Michael Curtiz", 1942, 19.95, false);
       for(DVD dvd:movies)

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