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Question: this is java gui help i am looking for help...

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This is Java GUI help.

I am looking for help adding a GUI in this DVD sorting programing, I have the logic of the program completely done but I could use help with the GUI part.

What I am looking for is to have the GUI show the DVDs that are in the Array unsorted and then have a button that the user can click and then it will show the updated DVDs after the sort.

This is what the assignment requires.

1. It should be still be graphical with a frame and panel

Thanks for the help. My code follows below.


import java.text.NumberFormat;

public class DVD implements Comparable{
   private String tile, director;
   private int year;
   private double cost;
   private boolean bluRay;
   private String title;

   public DVD (String title, String director, int year, double cost, boolean BluRay){
   public String getTitle(){
       return title;
   public String toString(){
   NumberFormat fmt = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();

   String description;

   description = fmt.format(cost) + "\t" + year + "\t";
   description += title + "\t" + director;

   if (bluRay)
   description += "\t" + "Blu-Ray";

   return description;
   public int compareTo(Object otherObject){
       DVD otherDvd=(DVD)otherObject;
       return getTitle().compareTo(otherDvd.getTitle());


public class Moives {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
       DVD[] movies=new DVD[7];

       movies[0]= new DVD ("The Godfather", "Francis Ford Coppola", 1972, 24.95, true);
       movies[1]= new DVD ("District 9", "Neill Blokamp", 2009, 19.95, false);
       movies[2]= new DVD ("Iron Man", "Jon Favreau", 2008, 15.95, false);
       movies[3]= new DVD ("All About Eve", "Joseph Mankiewicz", 1950, 17.50, false);
       movies[4]= new DVD ("The Matrix", "Andy & Lana Wachowski", 1999, 19.95, true);
       movies[5]= new DVD ("Iron Man 2", "Jon Favreau", 2010, 22.99, false);
       movies[6]= new DVD ("Casablanca", "Michael Curtiz", 1942, 19.95, false);
       for(DVD dvd:movies)

public class Sorting {

   public static void selectionSort(Comparable[] list){
       int min;
       Comparable temp;
       for(int index=0; index            min=index;
           for (int scan = index+1; scan < list.length; scan++)
               if (list[scan].compareTo(list[min])<0)

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