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  3. this is my second time asking please make it work...

Question: this is my second time asking please make it work...

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Maclaurin Series for Cosine (loop and vectors) M 0 solutions submitted (max: Unlimited) The cosine function can be approximated by a Maclaurin series expansion as where x is in radians. This function can be used to approximate the Cosine of x with increasing accuracy as terms are added to the summation. Write a function that accepts two scalar inputs (in order A value for x (in radians) for the series approximation of cos( x) The number of series terms, N, to use in the approximation. Your function should generate the following two outputs (in order) A column vector of the first N series termS A column vector of the first N series summations. The first summation is 1 , second is 1-XA2:21, third is 1-x^2/2l+x^4/41, and so on. Note: The first two test cases test the results for the second and third series terms respectively to aid in your debugging process. #FUNC Your Function C Reset MATLAB Documentation function [series terms, series sums] - student_solution(x_radians, N terms) %Enter the commands for your function here. You can change the n㏂es, but not the order, of the input and/or output variables in the function command to match your code. Do not cha 5 end

This is my second time asking. Please make it work! This is the Matlab Grader problem.

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