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Question: this is the figure on page 168 with trees a...

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5. [10 points] (a) Simulate the Huffman tree algorithm on the input alphabet a, b, c, d, e with frequencies .15, .30, .50, .02 (b) What will be the total length in bits of the compressed text built from a sequence of 100 letters having the (c) Suppose I tell you that the frequencies of a and b are .15, .30, resp, as above, but I dont tell you the other .03, resp. Show the intermediate trees built by the algorithm, as well as the final tree above frequencies using the Huffman code you calculated? frequencies. I can quickly tell (e.g., without running the full Huffman algorithm) that the Huffman code for this data is not the one shown in figure 4.16 (a) (pg 168). Explain how.

This is the figure on page 168, with trees a, b and c

168 Chapter 4 Greedy Algorithms Code a-»1 b 011 C-010 d-2001 e-000 Code a-11 b-201 C- 001 d->10 e-000 Code a11 b->10 C-01 d-001 e-000

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