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  3. this is using mips program for the life of me...

Question: this is using mips program for the life of me...

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.data str: .asciiz What is the first value? # First Input a: .word 0 .text .globl main main: #printString(str) laa0 , str li v0, 4 syscall getinteger() li ve, 5 syscall sw v0, a # a li v0, 11 li a0, n syscall # a-printChar( ) print!nteger(a) li v0, 1 lw a0, a syscall # a # exit() - stops the program li v0, 10 syscallB.1: Modify your program to ask for another input (including adding another string to prompt them!) and assign that to a new variable b B.2: Add a variable cand assign this to the resulting value of ab B.3: Instead of printing the value of a print the resulting c Heres the output I would expect to see in the completed program What is the first input? 샨i What is the second input? 78 45-78 -33 this is using mips program. For the life of me I can't get the two values to subtract or display themselves as in the output. Help Please!

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