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Question: this needs to be in python format btw...

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For this assignment you will write a program to calculate the monthly payments required to pay back a student loan. You will need to prompt the user for the following values: Total loan amount in dollars (principal) Annual interest rate (as a percentage) Number of years to repay loan and display the output in a readable form. Output should include: Amount of monthly payment Total amount paid Total interest paid The formula for calculating monthly payments is given by: P(i/12) where p, P,i,n are the monthly payment amount, the principal loan amount, the annual interest rate as a fraction, and the number of monthly payments respectively. In your program, use appropriate names for your variables that are descriptive, and also be sure to comment your code. Because it will be some time before we learn how to format output, use the int function to get approximate values for your output and to make it look better (and also to make your answers correct for the auto-grader which is a bit picky!) Heres an example you should use to test your program, i.e., you should get the same output values for the given input values

this needs to be in python format btw

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