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  3. this one is giving me some trouble any help is...

Question: this one is giving me some trouble any help is...

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This one is giving me some trouble. Any help is appreciated.


3- (30 pts) A pipe in a manufacturing plant is transporting superheated vapor at a mass flow rate of 0.4 kg/s. The pipe is 10 m long, has an inner diameter of 5 cm and pipe wall thickness of 6 mm The pipe has a thermal conductivity of 17 W/m K, and the inner pipe surface is at a uniform temperature of 120°C. The temperature drop between the inlet and exit of the pipe is 7°C, and the constant pressure specific heat of vapor is 2190 J/kg.°C. If the air temperature in the manufacturing plant is 20°C, determine the heat transfer coefficient as a result of convection between the outer pipe surface and the surrounding air. Air, 20° C Tr) 120°C Superheated rz vapor → 0.4 kg/s L= 10 m Tin-Tout °C

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