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Write a complete C program to create a music player Your program should read in several album names, each album has up to 10 tracks as well as a genre. First declare genre for the album as an enumeration with at least three entries. Then declare an album structure that has five elements to hold the album name, genre, number of tracks, name of those tracks and track location. You can use the template given below, but highly recommended to use your own variable names and enumeration list

Then implement the following options in your main function. Option 1: call a function add_album -you should use a dynamic memory, it allows the user to enter the album details Option 2: call a function named print_all_album to print out the album details. Option 3: call a select_track_to_play function that allows the user to choose an album and then a track to play. It should print out The track you selected then the track name from the Album: then the album name is now playing from file location: then the file location. When the user selects a track to play your program must call an external program to play the track. Option 4: Quit

this program needs to be done with the compiler MINGW and it is a c program

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