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Question: this question need to be done in cplex configuration it...

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This question need to be done in cplex configuration, it requires a model and a data. The answer should be codes in cplex, model and data. IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio Version 12.8

Greydog Bus Company operates buses between Boston and Washington DC. A bus trip between these two cities takes 6 hours. Federal law requires that a driver rest for four or more hours between trips. A driver’s workday consists of a full round trip: one from Boston to Washington and one from Washington to Boston. The table below gives the departure times for the buses. Greydog’s goal is to minimise the total downtime for all drivers. How should Greyhound assign drivers to round trips? Note, it is possible for a driver’s “day” to overlap midnight. For example, a Washington-based driver could be assigned to the Washington-Boston 3PM trip and the Boston-Washington 6AM trip.


Departure Time


Departure Time

Boston 1

6:00 AM

Washington 1

5:30 AM

Boston 2

7:30 AM

Washington 2

7:30 AM

Boston 3

8:00 AM

Washington 3

9:00 AM

Boston 4

9:30 AM

Washington 4

11:30 AM

Boston 5

11:30 AM

Washington 5

1:00 PM

Boston 6

2:30 PM

Washington 6

3:00 PM

Boston 7

6:00 PM

Washington 7

5:00 PM

Boston 8

7:00 PM

Washington 8

6:30 PM

Boston 9

9:30 PM

Washington 9

10:00 PM

Boston 10

12:30 AM

Washington 10

12:00 AM (midnight)

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