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This worksheet is DUE at the end of class. You will be working in teams but submitting an individual worksheet. The LAs and the Instructor are here to help! In-Qass assignments account for S% of yor grade. ai. Let S-f)-4 be a function whose input (r) is the radius of a sphere (In inches) and surface area of the sphere. a) What is the domain of this function? 0,oo) b) Function f has the inverse. Explain why. c) Describe what does, that is explain what the inputs and outputs are in the context of the question. d) Describe, in words the meaning of (100) and evaluate the value 100? e) Explain what it means to solve the equation f(r) )Compare the answers to d) and e). Whats your conclusion? Write it by completing the sentence (a00) is such a number r, that100 Based on part f) write the general statement about an inverse f is such a number r, that_
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