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Year Book Value atAnnual Accumulated Book Year Year End 得分 | IV. Applications (40 points) On April 1, 2018, Mr. White created a new travel agency, Adventure Travel. The following transactions occurred during the companys first month. o Apr. 1t, Mr. White invested $32,000 cash and computer equipment worth $26,000 in the company. The equipment had no residual value and could be used for 13 months. Apr. 2nd, the company rented furnished office space by paying $1,200 cash for the next 3 months. Apr. 3nd, the company purchased $2,500 of office supplies on account. Apr. 7th, the company received $16,000 cash from customer for a wedding trip to be held on Apr.25 o o o o Apr. 15h, the company collected $24,000 as commission fees earned from o Apr. 18h, the company paid $750 cash for this months telephone bill. customers 第8页共10页
o Apr. 20h, the company provided a family trip planning service on for $1,200. o Apr. 25th, the $1,200 was paid by the family o Apr. 30, Mr. White withdrew $3,000 from the At the end of November, the following adjustments have to be o The office had been rented for one month. o Accrued employees salaries were $2,300. They would be paid next company for personal use made: month. o The wedding trip service on Apr.2s had been provided. o Supplies on hand were $400 o The equipment had been depreciated by one month. 1. Journalize all the transactions entries. (20 points, 2 points cach) 2. Journalize all the adjustments. (10 points, 2 points each) 3. Record all the related amounts on the spreadsheet of next page. (10 points) io w
End-of-Period Spreadsheet the Month Adjusted Trial Balance- Triai Balence Adjustments Dr. Cr. Dr Cr AR ies Prepaid Rent Quipment Accumulated Depredation A/P Unearned Fees Salaries Payable Fees earned ies Rent Expense Salaries Ex Depreciation Expense Utilities Expense White. Drawing Total 第10页共10页
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