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Question: three lessons on stage 2 living things and life cycles...

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I need help writing three Lessons on stage 2 living things and their life cycles. The lesson must focus on the differences and similarities between the life cycles of living things in reference to fruit plants...and be on the basis of the narrative and writing teaching and learning cycle 


the first lesson is to be based on fruit plants and must include narrative reference in particular 
1. Modelling/ deconstruction: Must include the grammatical and structural features of narratives to support students to construct one independently

second lesson must incorporate fruit plants and through narrative 

2. Joint construction: Include an aspect of the text (structure or grammar feature) that you think will be important to work on in a joint-construction with the children. You need to find out as much as you can about your chosen grammar feature or aspect of usage and demonstrate explicitly how you would teach children to use this in their narrative.

3. Independent construction: Describe how students will be able to independently complete a written narrative of their own that will demonstrate field knowledge as well as an understanding of the structural and grammatical features of Narrative texts. Include scaffolding that will be provided to ensure all students can complete the task successfully

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