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Question: thwaites method flow past a circular cylinder i think the...

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Problem 6 Thwaitesmethod is a useful empirical procedure for predicting laminar boundary-layer properties with variable freestream pressure, including separation point With this method. the momentum thickness, θ , and skin friction coefficient, cf, are given y. 2(1+.09)-where e2 due λ=-- 0.45v r* v dx Also, Ree is Reynolds number based on θ. According to this method. boundary-layer separation occurs when λ-_0.09. Using the potential-flow solution for ue(x) determine the angle. Peep at which laminar separation occurs on a circular cylinder according to Thwaites method. Solve the equation you obtain by trial and error to the nearest tenth of a degree. Note that in the spirit of boundary-layer approximations, x is the distance along the cylinder surface measured from the leading stagnation point HINT: The following integral should prove helpful Osep WakeThwaites' Method flow past a circular cylinder.

i think the potential- flow solution for Ue is Ue/U=2sin(Phi) Phi= separation  angle=x/r with r is the radius... the Answer for Phi=103.2

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