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(b) A wooden slab is to be heated by dielectric heating. The electrodes of the parallel-plate applicator are of width W and length L. The slab is of thickness d,. The applied single-phase AC source is kept constant at a RMS voltage V, with frequency f. The loss angle of the process is o, and the corresponding relative permittivity is ε,.. Derive the expression of the total power dissipated in the wooden slab when there is an air gap of thickness d, between the upper surface of the slab and the top electrode. Hence, calculate the total power dissipation when W=400 cm, L=150 cm. d] -5 cm, V - 3.3 kV,f-27.1 MHz, o- 0.6°, e, -3.5 and d, 0.5 cm (Given: ε,-8.85x10-12 F/m) [10 marks]Thx!

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