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tice Quiz Hierarchical organization from smallest to largest Drag the text blocks below Into the subatomic particle biological community together with its physical habitat organ system A- #group of smilar oeils hat act as functional un atom A group of oganams hat belong to the same species and fve in biosphere population The of orgenzaton that is moe complax than an atom bu of EBE Next Type here to search Ga 8 5 6 8 9 0
apter 2 Pracace Quz Atomic energy levels Indicate whether each statement about atomic energy levels is true or false 067 References 1 The atom shown in the diagram has four energy levels or shells. Fatse 2. The arom shown in the aiagram above has a total of five electron orbitals (Cick to select 3 Each energy level consists of two or more orbitals [Clck to select) 4 The second energy level consists of four electron oronals Cok to select 5. Some orbitals near the nucleus are sphencal (s orbrais while others are dumbbell-shaped (p orbitals) Stl others, farther away from the nucieus, have other shapes Click to selectY 6. Because electrons are amracted t0 the positively charged nucleus, the closer an electron is to the nucleus, the more potential energy it hasClckto select 7. Because the amount of energy an electron possesses is related to its distance from the nucleus, electrons that are the same distance from the nucleus have the Same energy, even if they occupy different orbitals Such electrons are said to occupy the same energy level. Click to select Energy leve%, which ve varieny of suely drawn as creles round the nucleus. indicate an eectrons,energy wrie obtas, which have a shapes, Indicabe an electrons most likely location cack to seect moenergy electorner n eactions involving oiodation and reduction LiCic to selec 10 Each energy level can hold a maximum of bwo electrons (Cick to select Prey 7 of 15 Nexd> O Type here to search
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