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Question: time taken 19 mins 59 secs marks 7002000 grade 1400...

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Time taken 19 mins 59 secs Marks 7.00/20.00 Grade 14.00 out of 40.00 (35s) A system that provides monthly production figures for a manager at manufacturing facility is considered atn) ceneet Mark 1.00 out of 1.00 Select one a. management information system (MIS)-/ b. decision support system (DSS) P Flag question e. transaction processing system (TPS) d enterprise resource planning (ERP) system In terms of information systems, Wikipedia would be an example of Question 2 Correct Mart 1 00 out of Select one P Flng questionb a personal Is 1.00 a an enterprise IS ee an organizational complement d a group IS very large multimillion dollar software Question 3 Incornrect Ongoing research conducted by the Standish Group shows that projects fail or are challenged. %0 b.94 d.47 The value of information is directly linked to how it helps decision makers achieve their
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