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Times New . | | 12 A ^ Av-- Wrap Text , Paste E35 8 Month Advertising Exp 9 January S 0 February 1 March 2 April 13 May 4 June Revenue 9,992 $ 54,207 11,110 6,527 10,280 4,780 5,428 12,980 7,920 6,780 8,550 75,260 87,880 64,280 79,990 60,287 64,010 85,675 70,900 61,888 73,550 87,790 6 August 7 September 8 October 9 November 0 December 11,858 6,415 2 Required regression analysis output in Excel when comparing each months advertising expense to the same months revenue Include a plot/graph f the regression line in Excel showing the equation/function and R-squared. What do you conclude based upon the regression analysis? s 2. The firm realizes that there may be a lag between the adv ertising incurred and the timing of sales revenue. They modify the analysis by comparing cach revenue to the prior months advertising expense. Generate another regression analysis after discarding January sales revenue and December advertising expense in order to compare each months Include a plotgraph of the regression line in Excel showing the cquaion/fiunction and R-squared sales to the prior months advertising expense. What would be the function (equation) for this regression li 3. Is the coefficient for advertising expense s tatistically signifiant requirements #1 and m refly explain how you canne to your conclusion. 4. Whatproportion ofchanges in sales revenue is explained by the amount of advertising expense in both requirements #1 and #2? Briefly explain how you came to your conclusion. Sheet1 Question 1 Sheet3+
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