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tion 1 a) The brushes on the commutator of a general machine are driven at speed u), with the stator supplied to produce an mmf. rotating at speedws Show how this arrangement can be used to produce a low-frequency a.c voltage b) A 36-slot stator carries a double layer winding with a coil pitch of 13 slots and is to be wound with a 3 phase, 8-pole winding. Derive a suitable winding arrangement and find its fundamental pitch and distribution factors c) Draw a developed diagram for a 6-pole, double-layer d.c. armature winding in 28 slots for lap connection. Draw the brushes and the necessary paralleling connections. The windings should be progressive. d) The results of a locked rotor and running light tests on a 415 V, 40 hp., 3- phase, 50 Hz, delta-connected squirrel-cage induction motor are Total Power 6.4 kW 1.4 kW Light Voltage Line Current 77 A 22.8 A Locked Rotor 130V Running Light 15v The stator resistance is 0.48 ohm per phase. Determine the parameters per phase of the equivalent circuit of the motor

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