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TO BE WRITTEN IN MATLAB: (MATLAB COMMANDS..)Task: W nte a computer programme for calculating the present value of total lifespan cost of hybrid Wind-PV-Battery renewable energy systems. This programme takes two sets of inputs: (1) the traditional cost parameters and the nominal lifespans according to the table below: Wind turbine PV panel Battery bank Unit cost Installation fraction O&M fraction Nominal life 480S m 0.20 0.03 C. 830S/m2 0.40 0.01 1.5S/ Ah ns O&M 0.01 TOm 20 years 20 years 3 years as well as discount rate d=8% system lifespan N 20 years (ii) the size and capacity of components ( AWT , Apr , n, and co), and then calculates and displays the present value of the total lifespan cost as output Equations Ns ufe span of the product N. C-,-,(1+2), Present value of total lifespan Cost Ct d-annual discount rate C Cost in yearj indluding -Variable operation and mauntchance Costs C,-C capital cost Cc - fixedd operatun Co&M/v placement Cos匕 nd mauntendnce costS CORN,F For more details and an example of calculations see the lecture notes Selected Topics in

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