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To prepare the upcoming party, together with your two best friends, you want to produce 100 bagel sandwiches with ham, cheese, and veggies on them. After some experimentation, you find out that the tasks involved take approximately the following durations:

A. Cutting (0.5 minutes)
B. Spreading mayonnaise (2.5 minutes)
C. Cutting vegetables (3 minutes)
D. Putting vegetables on bagel (2 minutes)
E. Dressing (1 minute)
F. Wrapping (1 minute)

For efficiency reasons you decide that each of the three of you will take two of the successive
1. Show process steps, inventory holding points, and arrows depicting product flow.
2. Determine the capacity of each step in the process
3. Identify the bottleneck?
4. What is the maximum capacity of this process?
5. What is the throughput time? When will you finish the first bagel?
6. What is the cycle time?
7. What is the labor utilization?
8. How many bagels will you produce in the first hour?
9. How long will it take to finish producing the 100 bagels?
10. What changes would you consider to improve the process performance.

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