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Topic: Marshall's corporate culture

Speaker 1: Corporate culture is definitely unique. We have definitely hand that to our human resources department but also building around the company we have a very strong mission statement that says we're here to make the best product possible and we're also here to do it in the most environmentally friendly way.

People come to the company saying, "Wow, I'm not just here to have a job. I'm not here to make money." We're all employed but we're not here for the big salaries. We're here because there's something more that this company's trying to do. It's a very hard to thing to talk about in the regular business world because it's not tangible. How do you have that connection, that internal drive and values system and how do you get to use that every day.

If I show up here driving a Hummer people will talk about it. People really believe the values that are working with you, so you have a peer group that supports it. It is a very different company, and that allows us to work differently and be able to live our values in every decision we make in our business decisions.  

Speaker 2: Wow!

Required: Based on the conversation of Marshall's corporate culture, do you think that you would like to work for Marshall? Why or Why not? Write 150 words.

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