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Question: total of trips observed zonal interchange for each direction...

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Total # of trips Observed zonal interchange for each direction in a zone 100 250 150 300 400 Fig 2. A transportation network with 4 zones Table 1. Origin-destination demand table Total Traffic Analysis Zones (ToD) Production DİTo 100 250 400 300 Total Attraction Td 100 250 400 300 HOMEWORK FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS The following format must be used to complete each problem requiring substantial numerical calculations: Given Required Assumptions Solution Summary of Answers If a problem or question requires only a text answer, use the following three sections: Given Required Answer More information is given below regarding each section. An example showing a solved problem using this format is given on pp. 5-6. (Note: The problem statement is shown in the example on pp. 5-6 only to illustrate how to obtain the given and required information from the problem statement. The problem statement should not be included in actual solutions.)

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