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Total Blood Cholesterol Levels 160 160 170 150 160 170 155 180 155 180 160 150 180 150 180 26. In the descriptive statistics analysis for ‘Total Blood Cholesterol Levels’ created for the 15 patients with the removal of the outlier (350), how do these results compare to the analysis for 16 patients that includes the outlier (350)?

a. There is a decrease in the mean, standard deviation, and range; no change in the median and mode. b. There is no substantial change in any of the reported statistics. c. The distribution of ‘Total Blood Cholesterol Levels’ for 15 patients is more skewed. d. None of the above.

-When an instrument measures the construct that it is supposed to measure, you can say that the instrument has a high degree of a. Instrument Clarity b. Reliability c. Validity d. Dependability

- An instrument that consistently yields similar results with each administration of the instrument, can be said to be a. Reliable b. Valid c. Clear d. Representative

- A reliability coefficient of .55 is more highly desirable than a reliability coefficient of .80?. a. True b. False

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