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Toyota and Subaru jointly released the 86/ BRZ into the Australian market to huge orders and an amazing level of public interest. Such was the demand Subaru initially offered their version through internet sale only.

Write report to answer these questions:

  1. What were the target market segments for 86/ BRZ?
  2. What was the positioning of the product in the marketplace?
  3. Discuss what digital marketing would be most beneficial and why.
  4. What was the focus of appeal of the new vehicle?
  5. How distinct is the product’s position from other Toyota or Subaru sports vehicles?
  6. Would the 86/ BRZ be doing damage to other Toyota or Subaru sales?

Summarise your report by explaining how each level of consumer interest could have been assessed, based on consumer trends, past marketing, individual, social, cultural diversity and lifestyle influences, plus organisational behaviour in relation to a marketing plan. You can provide another example of a recent campaign that successfully combines these elements to support your report.

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