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Question: tracey likes to do all her shopping online she gets...

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Tracey likes to do all her shopping online. She gets a weekly email from Eziebuy Ltd advertising its latest specials. Last Christmas, she was most excited by the catalogue and amazed with the range of items for sale. She bought lots of presents for her family and friends but has been disappointed with the following:


a)    Tracey bought an electric blanket for her father for $150.00. Some fifteen minutes after her father plugged the blanket in and turned it on he smelt something burning. He discovered that the heating element in the blanket was faulty and had burnt through to the sheets and covers on the bed.


b)    Tracey wanted to buy her brother David a razor that he could use easily on his business trips. She rang the Eziebuy sales line and asked the salesperson if the razor advertised could be used with batteries. The salesperson assured Tracey that the razor could be operated by batteries or via mains electricity supply. Tracey purchased the razor for $59.95. David discovered that it would not take batteries.


c)    Tracey ordered some wool for her Aunt Ellen. Ellen is a keen knitter and currently has a passion for angora. Tracey ordered twelve balls at $10.00 each. The wool was advertised as angora in the catalogue but Aunt Ellen immediately recognised it as alpaca and not angora.



When Tracey contacted the Eziebuy sales staff by ‘phone after Christmas to complain, she was referred to the last page of the Eziebuy catalogue on which appeared the following:


‘Eziebuy Ltd offers no exchange or replacement for items purchased through this catalogue.’


You are asked to advise Tracey as to any action she could take against Eziebuy under the Australian Consumer Law.

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