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True and False Questions: (True is A) and (False is B) on the answer sheet 21) A short definition of marketing is meeting needs profitably (TRUE) FALSE) 22) Wants are basic human requirements such as food or air. (TRUE FALSE 23) Demands are wants for specific products backed by an ability to pay. (TRUE FALSE) 24) The marketing concept is one of the oldest concepts in business. (TRUE) EALSE) 25) The marketing concept stresses a customer-centered approach to marketing、(TRUE) (FALSE) 26) Relationship marketing aims to build mutualy satisfying long-term celationships with key parties, 27) Internal marketing is an appropriate practice to be used in holistic marketing. (TRUE) (FALSE) 28) International companies realized decades ago that the Arab market is huge and full of diverse TRUE ( Profitable segments. (TRUE) (FALSE) Survive·(TRUE) (FALSE) Company will need feedback and control to improve itself.(TRUE EALSE 29) A company that doesnt see the international markets as a potential source of cla ents will never 30) Because of surprises and disappointments that can occur as marketing plans are implemented, the
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