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Question: true or false clearly write whether the statement is true...

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True or false: Clearly write whether the statement is true or explanation for the reasoning used to arrive at your answer in the space provided, 1 point each. false in the blank. Write a brief 1) A positive charge moves from point A to B along the shown field lines. This causes the kinetic energy of the charge to increase. Answer 2) Consider a negative point charge. The electric potential at a point decreases as the distance from the point charge increases. Answer 3) A +2C charge moves between two positions in an electric field. If it had been a +4uC, the charge would have traveled through same voltage difference. Answer 4) A point charge is moved at constant speed from A to B along the dotted line between two charged parallel plates. This leads to an increase of electric potential energy +0 Answer_ 5) A dielectric is inserted into a charged parallel plate capacitor. This increases the capacitance of the two plates which causes the voltage between them to increase. Answer_
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