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True or false with explanation please.

Answer the following questions 12 pts.) (12 pts.) True or false section (Write down BOTH OUESTION AND ANSWER at your answer VN THE CORRECT ANSWER): a. Suppose that X takes values between 0 and 1 and has probability density function 2x. Its variance# 1 /20 b· You throw two dice and toss a coin sin ultaneously. The sample space of this experiment contains 72 different values. c. | If C and D are two events with P(D)=0.45, and P(C,D)-0.1 then P(Cen D) = 0.9 d. If A and B are two disjoint events, where PIAl-0.3, then the maximum value of PIBI 08.) e. Suppose X is a random variable wit h E(x) 5 and Var(X)-2, then E(X-10 A fair die is rolled six times. The probability that the highest outcome of the six throws is less than 4 is 1/6.

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