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Question: truefalse questions write quott if the statement is true and...

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TrueFalse Questions Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false. 1) A manager who acts out of self-interest is more likely to be viewed as credible than one who does not. Fol 2) In the phrase stakeholder view, the word stakeholder refers to someone who owns a share of the business. 3) It is the duty of govermment employees to act visibly, predictably, and understandably when dealing with the public. In recent years, transparency has become the dominant business ethic for communications 4) Each person involved in interpersonal communication is both encoding and decoding meaning. 5) 6) Loud music, nearby conversations, and the sound of traffic are examples of physiological noise in the communication process 7) High self-awareness includes the ability to manage events that stir strong responses. 8) In a conversation with a co-worker, Chin makes sure he completely understands the other persons point and then explains why he disagrees with it. Chin has failed to practice the skill of holding judgment. 9) When team members experience conflict because they are trying to make sense of competing ideas about how the team should work, they are in the storming stage of team development. Marianna perceives that Ed, the meeting facilitator, seems to have chosen a side. As a result, Marianna may be reluctant to share her opinions. 10)

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