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Question: trying to create a c program with the following instructions...

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Trying to create a C program with the following instructions and materials given.....

/* Instructions:
1. Write a program to assign Grade to Student.

Get the number of subjects from user.
Calculate percentage and return the grade associated with a range of marks.

2. The range of marks and the associated grades are as follows:
a. [97-100] = A+
b. [90-97) = A
c. [80-90) = B
d. [70-80) = C
e. less than 70 is a failing grade and should be given an F
e. greater than 100 or less than 0 is invalid and your code should print "Invalid"

3. Use the skeleton code provided below to create a new function "printGrade" with its appropriate data type for input of marks. For example, printGrade(<data type> marks). You should allow decimal values.

4. Use print statements in your function to display the grade. For example, if the input marks is 77, the output should read: "Your grade is : C"

5. Please adhere to standard C syntax conventions and use comments to explain your code. Failure to do so will result in a penalty.

* */

Offered skeleton code

void printGrade(float marks ){
// Hint: use if and else if conditions to print the grade
int main(void){
   char ch;
   float marks;
   int subject;
   do {
       printf("How many subjects do you have ?");
       // get the number of subjects from user
       printf("Enter marks of all subjects : " );
       // get the marks of all subjects and store them in an array (Hint: You can use for loop to get marks of subjects)
       // do average of all marks and store it in different variable called avg
       // avg contains average of all marks of subjects
       printf("/nDo you want to continue? (Y/N) ");
       scanf(" %c",&ch);
   } while(ch == 'y'|| ch == 'Y');
   return 0;

How many subjects do you have ? 4
Enter marks of all subjects :
Your grade is : B
/nDo you want to continue? (Y/N)

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