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turbine A steam hin -10 kg s1 with a specific enthalpy of hin 5409 kJ kg 1. Low pressure steam exifs specific enthalpy of hout 2609 kJ kg-1 operates at steady state and produces work. High pressure steam enters the tur bine at a rate of the turbine with a a. Draw a diagram of the turbine with all its mass and energy inputs and outputs. (5 points) Assuming no leaks or accumulation, what is the mass flow rate of steam exiting the turbine? (5 points) Assuming adiabatic operation (no heat loss), write down the energy balance for the system. (5 points) c. d. How much work is extracted from the steam? (10 points) e. If conditions of the steam in and out do not change, what must him be for Wout 10 M W (10 points)
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