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Question: two cars a and b begin stationary at an initial...

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Two cars, A and B, begin stationary at an initial distance of separation of 9m, as shown below. They travel in the same direction. Both cars accelerate at a constant rate. Car A accelerates at a constant rate of 2m/s2. Car B accelerates at a rate of 3m/s2. Calculate the amount of time that elapses until the two cars reach a distance of separation of 17m. Recall that, for an initial velocity of 0, d 0.5at2 REMEMBER Do more than just calculate an answer. Prepare a well-formed solution in terms of the parameters (not their values) which can be easily followed by one of your colleagues, draw and label the diagram with the variables. Then use the values to provide an answer-you do NOT have to write a coded solution. You must bring your solution to your lab.

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