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Two large tanks, each holding 100 L of liquid, are interconnected by pipes, with the liquid flowing from tank A into tank B at a rate of 3 L/min and from B into A at a rate of 1 L/min (see Figure 5.2). The liquid inside each tank is kept well stirred. A brine solution with a concentration of 0.2 kg/L of salt flows into tank A at a rate of 6 L/min. The (diluted) solution flows out of the system from tank A at 4 L/min and from tank B at 2 L/min. If, initially, tank A contains pure water and tank B contains 20 kg of salt, determine the mass of salt in each tank at time t>=0. ( Please could anyone do this answer using the Eigenvalue and EigenVector method thanks)

6 L/min 3 L/min [ 0.2 kg/L x(t) 100 L x(0) = 0 kg y(t) 100 L (o)-20 kg L/min 2 L/min 1 L/min Figure 5.2 Mixing problem for interconnected tanks

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