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Question: typed answers please 1 write a paragraph explaining why seasons...

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[Typed answers please]

1. Write a paragraph explaining why Seasons occur on the Earth.

2. In a short paragraph, explain how Newton’s Law of Gravity depends on mass and distance. Don’t just write the equation; explain what the equation means and give some simple numerical examples. 3. What is mass, and how does it differ from weight? Write a paragraph.

4. List Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion and briefly explain what each means.

5. In a paragraph, describe at least two of the telescopic observations made by Galileo which supported the Sun-centric Copernican model of the Solar System.

6. What is retrograde motion of planets and how does the Copernican model of the solar system explain this apparent motion? Write a paragraph.

7. What is parallax, and why did the apparent absence of stellar parallax lead the Greeks to believe that the Earth must be stationary? Write a parargraph.

8. Write a paragraph describing the two ‘main powers’ of telescopes. Explain why it is useful for astronomers to build bigger and bigger telescopes.

9. What are emission and absorption line spectra? Write a paragraph explaining what they are and why they are important to astronomy.

10. Write a paragraph explaining why astronomers sometimes need to put telescopes in space in order to do their science.

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